M&L Industries
23001 Industrial Blvd.
Rogers, MN   55374
Tel. (763) 428-4220
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Experience Matters

Our inspectors have over 35 years of experience in all applications of Quality Control.

Quality Control

M & L Industries is dedicated to continuous improvement toward producing defect free parts and components for our customers.

We accept the task of forming partnerships between customers, suppliers and employees to develop and maintain a quality environment in which each participant can contribute and all can benefit and grow.

M & L's temperature controlled Q C Dept is held at 68 to 70 degrees.  This ensures a high tolerance measuring environment that is constant.


High Precision

Our unique capabilities allow us to measure to .0005 on most applications and projects.

We maintain a quality rating in the high 90’s for repeated quality performance.

Q. C. Equipment

CMM, optical comparator, profilomitor,  ziess height master.